Water Dispensers

Serve up Ambient, Chilled, Hot and Sparkling Water

Elkay® offers the perfect water dispenser to meet your needs. These stylish units provide fresh, filtered water, with models designed for commercial and residential use.


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Multiple dispensing options let you provide your staff with fresh water anytime.


Compact units are perfect for the kitchen or a bar and entertainment area.


High-quality, water dispensing units ideal for restaurants, bars and entertainment.

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Water Your Way

Enjoyable. Easy. Environmentally Friendly. Elkay's intuitive Smartwell beverage system brings flavor and fun to offices, boutiques, and businesses, the eco way.




Chilled. Ambient. Sparkling.

Directly plumbed, filtered stainless steel water dispensers are sleek and compact, perfect for the home, office, hotels, restaurants and entertainment.


Convenience Beyond the Kitchen

Keep your day moving with a hands-free water source that delivers fresh, filtered water for all the living that happens in your home. Elkay’s ezH2O® Liv™ is the first built-in filtered water dispenser engineered for the home!