Lustertone Iconix™ Sinks

    Lustertone Iconix Sink in Kitchen

    For pots, pans, and prized possesions.

    Clean Modern Design

    The Lustertone Iconix™ sink collection brings the winning combination of a sophisticated look and a forgiving finish to the home and beyond in 16- and 18-gauge options. The tight corners and flat bottom of this design allow for more space inside the sink.

    New Arrival: Portfolio expansion

    • Expansion of 16-gauge sinks with Perfect Drain
    • Addition of 18-gauge sinks with standard 3.5" drain
    • 16 and 18-gauge sink kits with grids and drains

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    Lustertone Iconix Features

    Lustertone Iconix Sink in Kitchen




    Forgiving Finish

    Finish offers scratch forgiveness, standing up to everyday use. Deep scratches are repairable with Elkay® stainless restoration kit.

    Lustertone Iconix Sink in Kitchen
    Lustertone Iconix Sink in Kitchen

    Stainless Steel Construction

    Premium 16- and 18-gauge thickness and Type 304 stainless steel for immense durability, performance and beauty.


    Built in USA

    Sinks are built in the USA.

    Lustertone Classic Sink in Kitchen
    Lustertone Iconix Sink in Kitchen

    Exclusively Elkay®

    The edgeless design of our Perfect Drain® eliminates the gap around the drain for a cleaner, more hygienic sink. Food and waste go right down the drain.

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