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    Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filling Station In School - LZS8WSSP

    Keep Kids Learning in Person

    When schools are equipped with no-touch fixtures and filtered drinking water units, the risk of spreading germs is reduced. This keeps students and staff healthier with no interruptions to in-person learning. With your ESSER funds, you can purchase necessary upgrades to make sure attendance stays high. But don't delay — ESSER II funds expire September 30, 2023, and ESSER III funds expire September 30, 2024.

    The most complete portfolio for hassle-free, hygienic and sustainable upgrades, BrightShield by Zurn Elkay sets a new standard to help combat the risk of transmitting germs by removing touchpoints and creating easier to clean spaces.

    Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filling Station In School - LZS8WSSP

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    Never forget to order your next filter. Receive 10% off all filter orders when you sign up to receive auto-shipments of filters every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. 

    Always ensure you have the right filter, ready to replace, to keep you filter status lights green without having to hold inventory.

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    Hands Free Bottle Filling Stations

    Elkay ezH2O® bottle filling stations feature hands-free sensor activation providing users with a sanitary, touchless bottle filling experience —healthier for you and the environment.

    Dart Canyon®

    The first of its kind, the Dart Canyon stainless steel farmhouse sink refelcts Elkay's passion for innovation, by providing better everyday solutions for everyone.



    Avado® 2-in-1 Faucet with Filtration

    Fresh, filtered and so convenient – get better-tasting water for drinking and cooking straight from your tap! Fill pitchers, dog bowls and pots without having to leave the sink. This sleek and stylish faucet offers standard hot and cold water plus high-quality filtration, with no need to install a second tap.

    ezH2O Liv®

    Elkay takes water delivery to a new level with ezH2O Liv, a filtered water dispenser designed to seamlessly fit any space. With two versions — one for the home and one for commercial spaces — it's a sleek, convenient addition to any room. ezH2O Liv goes beyond water delivery, offering peace of mind with an NSF-certified filter that reduces lead and other harmful contaminants from water.

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