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    ezH2O Bottle Filling Station in Hallway

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    Hands-free Water Coolers

    Elkay hands-free, sensor-activated water coolers and drinking fountains provide touchless hydration. The sensor-activated feature allows users to obtain water without physically touching the water cooler or fountain, reducing the potential for the spread of germs. Our drinking fountains feature Flexi-Guard® bubblers that provide a flexible mouth guard to help protect against injury. Key plastic components are manufactured with silver ion antimicrobial agent helping to provide clean, stain- and odor-free surfaces. 

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    Touchless Water Delivery Sell Sheet

    Hands-Free Cooler Conversion Kit Sell Sheet

    ezH2O® Retrofit Bottle Filling Station Kit Sell Sheet

    Retrofit Bottle Filling Stations Compatibility Guide

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    Elkay Help Center

    The Help Center is your source for troubleshooting guides, care and cleaning instructions, and other product support documentation. Learn how to change a water filter, reset the filter status light on your ezH2O bottle filling stations or install a retrofit kit to make your bottle filler hands-free.

    Installation Services

    Elkay is your one-stop shop for all your water delivery needs. From selecting the perfect fixture that meets the needs of your facility, to making sure the unit is installed right and running smoothly we can help. From plumbing to electrical, and HVAC to construction, we’ve got it covered!