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    Your sink is at the center of the action. Available in stainless steel, fireclay or quartz, Elkay workstation sinks are designed to fit all kitchen styles and are engineered for convenience. These attractive sinks help to maximize workspace in the kitchen, while keeping counters clutter free. 



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    Fireclay Workstation Sinks

    Built-in ledge lets you work over the sink, saving precious counter space. Sink includes a walnut cutting board to help you go from meal prep to clean up in seconds.


    Dart Canyon Workstation Sinks

    ADA-compliant when properly installed, the Dart Canyon™ dual-depth sink offers a 9″ deep bowl – providing a more dynamic experience than standard ADA sinks.


    Quartz Workstations

    Made of hard, natural quartz sand particles and high-performance UV-stable acrylic resins, Elkay Quartz Luxe Workstation sinks are exceptionally durable and silky smooth, with sink accessories designed to fit perfectly and coordinate with your sink. 

    Crosstown Workstations

    Designed for maximum usability with a minimal footprint, our innovative workstation sink streamlines kitchen tasks. A built-in ledge allows easy resting and sliding of custom accessories, including a cutting board, colander and dish-drying station.


    Avenue Workstation Sinks

    Elkay Avenue kitchen sinks bring clean and distinctive design to the kitchen with large, spacious bowls. Great for any home decor, the durability of stainless steel is everlasting. The fresh look and feel of stainless steel give Avenue a modern, stylish appearance. The slightly rounded corners on the sides and bottom of Avenue, provide a flat bottom for more usable space inside the sink.



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