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    Your sink is at the center of the action. It’s where meals are prepared, toys are washed and vases of fresh cut f lowers are filled. Elkay is there in the everyday moments of your life. Our products help to make everything you do more convenient, functional and beautiful. We’re right where you are, right when you need us!



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    Perfect Drain®

    Sinks featuring the Elkay Perfect Drain® have a seamless look and feel. The edgeless design eliminates the collar around the drain for a cleaner sink. Food has nowhere to go but down the drain. 


    Aqua Divide™

    Elkay sinks featuring Aqua Divide™ offer flexibility at the sink. They have a low center wall that allows pan handles to extend over the middle. Use it as two separate bowls or fill the sink high with water to wash larger items, like baking sheets, across both bowls. 


    Water Deck™

    Sinks featuring Water Deck™ have a lowered faucet deck that directs water into the sink. This helps to keep the countertop dry and prevents mold and residue from building up. Available on Crosstown sinks. 


    Tight Corners

    Corners are engineered to give the sink a modern look. They also make the sink easy to clean. Available on Lustertone Iconix sinks. 



    Featured Products



    Fireclay sinks have a fresh, modern look that is equally at home in traditional décor as it is in cozy urban design. They make a style statement because the beautifully finished, glossy material extends to the front of the sink. 



    Our newest offering in quartz sinks, Elkay Quartz Luxe is exceptionally tough, silky smooth, and features striking colors that make a statement. The superior strength comes from patented webbing and embedded organic fibers. 


    Stainless Steel

    Add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen with Lustertone Iconix, a premium stainless steel sink built to express an affinity for clean, simple design. With a fine linear grain and luminous finish that radiates light from all angles, Lustertone Iconix is a modern marvel. 

    Choose the perfect material for your design. 



    You’re in the market for a new sink — but which one is right for you?