Quartz Classic®




Strong and Beautiful

Everyone loves a classic! They offer timeless style and beauty. Elkay® Quartz Classic™ kitchen sinks have been adding a pop of color to kitchens for more than a decade.

These bar and kitchen sinks are created from natural quartz and acrylic resins. They come in a range of stunning colors – in shades of black, greige, cream, gray, brown and white, allowing you to match your sink to your décor. Whether you choose a single or double bowl, or one with Aqua Divide™, Elkay has the best model for the many household tasks that happen at your sink.

Available with our exclusive Perfect Drain® in ADA depths.




Quartz Classic Features

Aqua Divide

Low center divider allows pan handles to extend over center and makes it easy to wash large items, like baking sheets, over both bowls.

Perfect Drain

Sinks featuring the Elkay Perfect Drain® have a seamless look and feel. The edgeless design eliminates the collar around the drain for a cleaner sink. Food has nowhere to go but down the drain.


Quartz Classic® Kits

Make it easy on yourself and lt Elkay® create the perfect sink ensemble for you.













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