Crosstown® Sinks



Modern Design with Universal Appeal

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home where friends gather and memories are made. In today’s open-concept homes, the kitchen is an extension of our living space. A Crosstown stainless sink offers sleek styling with tight corners and a flat bottom, giving you more usable space inside the sink.

  • Available in kitchen sink and bar sink offerings.
  • Installation options include farmhouse, drop-in, undermount, dual mount and ADA.
  • Competitively priced to bring a modern touch to any kitchen.



Crosstown Innovations

Interchangeable Apron™

Imagine a farmhouse sink designed to give you the flexibility to change the color and material of the apron front on a whim. Elkay® is excited to introduce the latest in sink innovation, a stainless steel farmhouse sink with an interchangeable apron front! Available in a mix of materials and colors, the interchangeable apron is easily removed and switched out in minutes.

Aqua Divide

Low center divider allows pan handles to extend over center and makes it easy to wash large items, like baking sheets, over both bowls.


Slim Rim

Install Elkay Crosstown sinks as a drop-in or undermount; ultrathin, flat rim virtually eliminates the barrier between sink and counter for a clean look.

Water Deck

A lowered faucet deck directs water into the sink to help keep the countertop dry and free from buildup.

Crosstown Kits

Elkay's Crosstown kits include a single or double bowl sink, one or two drains to match and one or two perfectly sized bottom grids to protect from scratches and create more usable workspace. Make it easy on yourself and let Elkay create the perfect sink ensemble.











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