Keep kids in school with hygienic surfaces and cleaner water.

    When schools are equipped with no-touch fixtures and filtered drinking water units, the risk of spreading germs is reduced. This keeps students and staff healthier with no interruptions to in-person learning. With your ESSER funds, you can purchase necessary upgrades to make sure attendance stays high. But hurry — ESSER II funds expire September 30, 2023, and ESSER III funds expire September 30, 2024.


    Let’s Get Your Schools Upgraded


    What Are ESSER Funds?

    Part of the CARES Act, these additional funds help districts enhance their schools with products that reduce the risk of virus transmission and exposure to environmental hazards. Use them now to:

    • Make hydrating hands free to reduce the spread of germs
    • Provide cleaner, filtered drinking water for healthier hydration
    • Enhance handwashing and keep surfaces clean
    • Keep students learning in person to qualify for future funding
    • Upgrade to sustainable products that contribute to district goals
    Hands Free Hydration on Elkay Water Cooler and Bottle Filler Combo

    Hydrate Healthier, Hands Free

    Turn your current drinking fountains and coolers into more sanitary, sensor-activated bottle filling stations with Elkay’s retrofit kits that don’t require major construction. Minimize these touch points while encouraging students to drink more filtered water.

    Touchless Faucet - Zurn Bathroom Solutions

    Touchless and Waste Free — the Total Package

    Transform your schools’ restrooms into cleaner, more hygienic spaces with touchless faucets, soap dispensers, flush valves and hand dryers. No more unnecessary touching where germ presence is high.



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