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    Filtration as a Solution

    Elkay ezH2O® filtered bottle filling stations are ideal solutions for schools because they reduce lead and other contaminants, delivering safer water kids will want to drink.

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    Child Drinking Cold Water

    Reduces Contaminants

    Elkay filters are tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 to reduce lead, particulates, cysts and chlorine taste and odor.

    Child Drinking Cold Water

    Filter Replacement Lights

    Once your ezH2O® bottle filling station is installed, look for the green light to know when water is safe to drink. Change the filter as soon as the light turns yellow.

    Child Drinking Cold Water

    Easy Retrofitting

    Retrofit your existing bottle fillers, fountains or coolers with our different kits for a simpler way to upgrade.

    Child Drinking Cold Water

    Available Now

    New and retrofit drinking water products can be installed right away as an immediate solution while your school may be undergoing larger infrastructure projects.

    Child Drinking Cold Water

    Installation Services

    Let one of our Elkay Installation Services experts make sure your new products are installed correctly for long-term use.

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    Be Part of the Solution

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    Facilities Managers

    ezH2O Bottle Filling Station Filter Change

    Make Updates With Help from a Trusted Brand

    Drinking water legislation is changing every day — states are requiring schools to test water and remediate, while federal initiatives include replacing lead piping nationwide. We understand it’s difficult to keep up with these changes and being short-staffed doesn’t help. But as the water delivery experts pros trust, we’re here to help make upgrading easier so that you can stay ahead of it all.

    1. Know your state’s school drinking water requirements. Many states have bills in process while others now have laws in place to test school drinking water and remediate. Make sure you’re familiar with your state’s legislation.

    1. Stay steps ahead and make upgrades now. Elkay has a broad portfolio of award-winning bottle filling stations that meet state and NSF/ANSI standards.

      • Choose from a variety of installations. There are on-wall, in-wall and even floor standing ezH2O® bottle filling stations, as well as retrofit kits that transform existing drinking fountains into filtered bottle filling stations.
      • Change filters faster with our EZ Filter Maintenance Kit. Retrofit it to any single-level filtered cooler or bottle filling station, and replace filters more efficiently through the easy access panel.
      • Plus, get quality construction and customer service with our bottle filling stations.
    Faster Fill Rate Faster fill rate than competitors
    Chill Capacity Greater chill capacity
    Filter Status Accomodates longer-lasting filters
    Dedicated Support Dedicated support before, during and after the sale
    Energy Efficient More energy efficient
    Drain System Includes real drain system specific to bottle fillers
    Stainless Steel Type 300 stainless steel
    Installation Services Installation services available

    1. Keep installation simple. Install single bottle filling station and cooler combos without worrying about drywalling. Instead, cover wall imperfections and retrofit wall work with our stainless steel back panel, which also provides some splash protection for gypsum sheetrock walls. Other accessories, like our remote chiller, can be added later to refrigerate an existing cooler.

    1. Add filtration to classrooms and more. Upgrade classroom sinks with the universal vandal-resistant filtration kit and install ezH2O Liv® Pro water dispensers in teacher’s lounges.

    1. Maintain safer water more easily.

      • Ensure there’s always access to filtered water by replacing filters regularly, which will also keep the status light green.
      • Find your correct replacement filter using our handy filter tool, and save time reordering by enrolling in our filter subscription plan. Elkay products work best with Elkay filters — beware of counterfeits.

    1. Skip the guesswork and watch our installation videos. Learn how to install bottle filling stations, coolers and filters.

    1. Let us help you! Complete our form to learn more or set up a free facility walkthrough.

    1. Or purchase in person. Explore where to buy Elkay drinking water products near you.

    1. Show off your success! Share on social media the impact of your new products, how you’re meeting goals, and helpful tips for maintaining these products. You can inspire others who might think cleaner drinking water is unattainable.

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    Parents and Guardians

    ezH2O Bottle Filling Station In School

    You Have the Power to Help Your School

    Every child should have access to filtered drinking water, but factors like corroded lead pipes, questionable water sources and old infrastructure may prevent this. But there’s hope. You can make a difference by following these steps and using the resources we’ve created for you.

    1. Send this letter to your PTA. Explain your school’s poor water conditions and how it could harm your child’s health and performance. We can help you advocate for better access to filtered drinking water.

    1. Share the facts. Use social media to spread the word to your friends and community. Bring awareness to lead in drinking water and how your people can inspire their decision makers.

    1. Equip yourself. Bring the right tools to your next school board meeting. We’ll help you feel confident in presenting a case to your decision makers.

    1. Let us help you! Complete our form to learn more about which solutions are right for your school.

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    Teachers and Administrators

    ezH2O Bottle Filling Station In School

    Advocate for Your School

    When there’s no clean drinking water available at school, it affects everyone in attendance. You may feel like the world is on your shoulders, having to provide heavy and expensive five-gallon jugs of water and disposable plastic bottles. You don’t have to go it alone — Elkay can help you get the water your school needs. Here’s how to educate your students, peers and school decision makers.

    1. Know more, teach more.  
      • The more you know about lead, the better equipped you’ll be to teach your students about it. And the more you know about ezH2O® filtered bottle filling stations, the better you can advocate for your students.
      • Learn how filtration can help fix lead in drinking water.
      • Read this success story for inspiration and help for building a case for your school.
      • Download this fun activity that educates students about filtration.
      • Provide students with this letter they can complete to request cleaner drinking water from their principal.
      • If you already have a bottle filling station, check to see if it has these lights to know it’s a filtered unit.
        If the light is yellow, it’s time to replace the filter — don’t wait for it to turn red.

    1. Influence your principal. Together, you, other staff members and parents can bring a case to your principal and school board. Show them the solution and all its benefits. Share what you know and fight for your school’s health at your next school board meeting. 

    1. Spread the word. Share what you’ve learned with your peers and community on social media. This could help you gain more support and spark fundraising ideas.

    1. Let us help you! Fill out this brief form and someone will get in touch with you.

    Browse Healthier Solutions for Your School

    Learn more about filtered water solutions, hygienic restroom fixtures and other Health Smart products from Zurn Elkay.




    Healthier classrooms with Elkay sinks & faucets


    Help set the standard for healthier classrooms.

    Stainless steel sinks make it easy to keep hands clean and hygiene at top of mind while touchless options help prevent the spread of germs.

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    Healthier hallways with Elkay ezH2O and water fountains


    Fill your hallways with top picks for water delivery,

    including touchless solutions that help keep everyone healthier while staying hydrated.

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    Healthier gymnasions offering healthy hydration


    Keep healthy hydration going during gym class

    with our selection of bottle filling stations and fountains, including touchless options that help keep germs and bacteria at bay.

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    Healthier playgrounds with Elkay outdoor bottle fillers and fountains


    On playgrounds, health and safety is vital,

    and we have bottle fillers and fountains that are easy to operate and freeze-resistant to stand up to the weather.

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    Healthier cafeterias with Elkay scullery sinks, faucets, bottle filling stations and fountains


    We have your cafeteria needs covered,

    from kitchen scullery sinks and faucets to bottle filling stations and fountains -- all easy to keep clean and sanitary.

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    Break Room

    Healthier break rooms with fresh filtered water and sinks by Elkay


    Keep staff happy

    by offering fresh filtered water on demand and sink solutions to keep things clean.

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    Facility Closets

    Facility closets with service sinks by Elkay


    Offer facilities staff convenience and cleanliness

    with utility and floor mounted service sinks that are easy to keep clean.

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    Nurses Station

    Healthier nurses stations with Elkay sinks and faucets


    Germs stay away and hands stay cleaner

    with our selection of touchless faucetseasy to clean sinksantimicrobial optionsbottle filling stations and more.

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    Healthier restrooms with touchless upgrades


    Touchless restroom upgrades

    that reduce that reduce operational costs, germ transference and messes for a more hygienic restroom experience.

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    Lead Is a Nationwide Issue

    “Lead is contaminating drinking water at schools and preschools across the country."  1 

    Click the map to view lead levels by state and to view the full article

    Click the map to view lead levels by state and to view the full article

    navy circle Most significant data on lead in schools' water
    aqua circle Data from relatively few school districts so far
    lime circle Testing program announced but little or no data available yet
    navy circle Most significant data on lead in schools' water
    aqua circle Data from relatively few school districts so far
    lime circle Testing program announced but little or no data available yet

    Click the map to view lead levels by state and to view the full article

    Click the map to view lead levels by state and to view the full article

    Don’t Let Lead Go Untreated

    • Lead exposure in children has been linked to damage to the central nervous and peripheral nervous system, learning disabilities, and even anxiety.
    • If kids avoid drinking their school’s water all together, they could become dehydrated, impacting their cognitive performance. 2

    Let's Get Your School Upgraded!

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    2 — Riebl, Shaun K., Davy, Brenda M. “The Hydration Equation: Update on Water Balance and Cognitive Performance.” ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal.

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