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    As a reliable leader in drinking water solutions, Elkay is committed to providing greater access to cleaner, healthier drinking water through quality products. When used together, our customer-favorite filtration system products make installation easier, cost effective and more convenient. 

    Enhanced Bottle Filling Stations

    Enhanced ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations

    Enhanced ezH2O® Bottle Filling Station

    It all starts with the fixture. Elkay’s award-winning enhanced ezH2O bottle filling station is the most reliable and efficient choice for your filtered drinking water upgrade – which many states require. 

    quick change wrapper

    Quick Filter Change Wrapper

    Drop-down style wrapper makes filter changes easy. Available on LZS8WSSP.


    Automatic Filter Reset

    No complex reset methods -- green light resets once the filter is replaced. 


    Filter Included

    Unit ships with a high-capacity filter that reduces lead and other contaminants. 

    Elkay WaterSentry Filters

    WaterSentry 6000 Gallon Filter

    WaterSentry® 6,000-gallon Filter

    Get MORE filtered water from our highest-capacity, 6,000-gallon filter. Depending on traffic, this filter lasts longer, resulting in fewer filter purchases and replacements. Serve more, service less. 


    Save Money

    Fewer filter purchases each year could result in substantial savings. 


    Minimize Maintenance

    Higher-capacity filter lasts longer, requiring fewer filter replacements. 


    Reduce Downtime

    Prevent periods of water unavailability by choosing the longer-lasting filter. 

    Retrofit Solutions

    Filter Maintenance Kit

    Filter Maintenance Kit

    Cut filter installation time IN HALF with our filter maintenance retrofit kit. Swap the original bottle filling station wrapper that houses the filter with this ingenious alternative for easier access to the filter. 


    Save Time 

    Cut filter replacement time in half with quicker access to the filter and water shut-off valve. 


    Increase Efficiency

    Access the filter through the side panel without having to spend time and effort removing the entire wrapper. 

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    WaterSentry Plus Sell Sheet

    WaterSentry Plus High-capacity Replacement Filter


    Enhanced ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations

    Enhanced ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations


    Quick Change Wrapper

    Quick Change Wrapper


    Filter Maintenance Kits

    Filter Maintenance Kits



    How do I know what replacement filter to order for my Elkay bottle filling station, cooler or fountain?

    Click here to use our Filter Selection Tool to find your filter.  


    What kind of water filter is used in Elkay bottle filling stations?

    Our WaterSentry® filter is a carbon block filter with a polypropylene prefilter that is rated to NSF 42 and 53 for lead, chlorine taste and odor. We offer a 3,000-gallon filter (51300C) for all our bottle filling stations and a 6,000-gallon high-capacity filter (51600C) specifically for our enhanced bottle filling stations.


    What does the filter remove from the water?

    Both the WaterSentry 51300C and the 51600C reduce lead, cysts, sediment/particulate and chlorine taste and odor.


    How long does a filter last?

    Our WaterSentry 51300C filter is rated for 3,000 gallons which is approximately 19,200 20-oz. bottles. Our WaterSentry 51600C filter is rated for 6,000 gallons which is approximately 38,400  20-oz. bottles. Actual filter life depends on usage. We recommend changing the filter at least once a year.


    What do the lights mean on the bottle filling station? How do I know if the water is safe to drink?

    Green LED: Your filter is working.

    Yellow LED: Your filter should be changed.

    Red LED: Filter has reached end of life and may no longer be effective.

    Flashing Red: Only applies to P-SKU’s.


    How do I reset the visual filter monitor light?

    Enhanced bottle filling stations include FillSafe™ recognition, a feature that detects when a new Elkay filter is installed and automatically resets the filter monitor light from red back to green. Original bottle filling stations require just a few easy steps. Click here to watch our instructional  video.


    How easy is it to change the filter?

    Replacing your filter is as easy.

    1. Turn off the water supply; dispense water to relieve pressure. 

    2. Turn used filter counterclockwise 1/4 turn to remove from filter head. 

    3. Remove cap from new filter and use to seal used filter. 

    4. Write the date of filter installation on the label. Insert new filter into existing filter head and turn fully clockwise so the label with date is clearly visible. 

    5. Turn on water supply and run water for 10 minutes to purge air and fine carbon particles from filter. 

    6. Reset the filter monitor, if necessary. See the Use Manual for your specific drinking water unit for instructions. 

    Enhanced models feature our FillSafe filter recognition that automatically identifies when a new filter is present and updates the LED light back to green. Click here to watch the video tutorial.


    Do I have to buy the filter from Elkay?

    We recommend using a genuine Elkay filter. Our filters are designed and manufactured to work within Elkay units and provide optimum performance. To purchase filters, click here or call 800-834-4816.


    I ordered a replacement Elkay filter for my Elkay unit, and it is shorter than the original filter? Will it still work? 

    Yes. Our filters were redesigned from 12" to 9" to be more compact. They will still fit your Elkay unit and maintain current filter performance and compliance.    


    Can I add a filter to a non-filtered Elkay bottle filling station, cooler or fountain?

    Yes. Elkay offers filter retrofit kits that can be added to many existing Elkay water delivery products. The EWF3000 Filter System Kit converts a non-filtered bottle filler into a filtered unit. The EWF172 Filter System Kit converts a non-filtered cooler or fountain into a filtered unit. See table below for all retrofit options.


    Type of Unit Elkay Retrofit Filtration System Kit Retrofit Type* Replacement Filter Part Number
    Bottle Filling Stations EWF3000


    Coolers & Fountains LF2





    EF1500VRBC (Vandal-resistant box) External
    EF1500VRBMC (Comes with filter monitor) External


    Can I update a non-filtered cooler to a filtered bottle filling station all at once?

    Yes, refer to our Retrofit Bottle Filling Stations Compatibility Guide to find the right product for you.

    What is lead? Where does it come from?

    For centuries, lead has been widely used in plumbing systems that transport water. Despite changes in plumbing codes making it illegal to use lead pipes or solder, lead is still found in older pipes, solder and brass fittings in existing plumbing systems. Lead is toxic and continuous exposure can cause a variety of health problems, especially in infants and children. Please visit to learn more.

    Do your products reduce lead?

    Select WaterSentry® filtration systems reduce lead to meet the requirements necessary to achieve our NSF/ANSI 53 certification, making the water cleaner and healthier.

    Water delivery product examples include:

    • Elkay Filtered Bottle Filling Stations.
    • Elkay Filtered Water Coolers.

    Our filters are also sold separately and can be retrofitted onto any existing Elkay or non-Elkay branded water cooler, fountain or bottle filling station with Elkay’s vandal-resistant retrofit filtration kit. Kits are available with and without a filter status monitor and alert.

    Do your products contain lead?

    No. Our drinking water products have been lead free for more than two decades. They are certified to NSF/ANSI 372 as lead free by the Water Quality Association.

    How does Elkay test its filters?

    Elkay tests and certifies our filters to NSF/ANSI Standard 53."NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for Drinking Water Treatment Units is the nationally recognized standard for evaluating and certifying drinking water treatment systems for the reduction of contaminants from drinking water. Water filters are tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 53 to ensure they reduce contaminants, including lead, per the requirements of the standard" (Certified Product Listing, NSF).