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    Meet Sustainability Goals with Elkay

    Meet Sustainability Goals With Elkay

    Sustainability has become a priority for schools and businesses because it's become a way of life for students and staff. To meet their growing needs and expectations, Elkay offers products and resources that will help you engage them while meeting goals, including saving money and minimizing waste. 

    Minimize Plastic

    Minimize Plastic Waste

    Elkay has proudly saved more than 40 billion plastic bottles through commercial solutions alone. In one year, just one bottle filling station can eliminate up to 15,000 bottles (327 lbs. of plastic!) from the landfill. Bottle filling stations can contribute to WELL points for buildings.

    Minimize Plastic

    Make Filter Changes Faster

    Cut your filter replacement time in half with this retrofit panel that adds easy access to ezH2Os. No need to remove the whole thing. The retrofit kit is compatible with Elkay EZ/LZ single-level filtered coolers and bottle-filling stations.

    Minimize Plastic

    Fresh Filtered Water, Campuswide

    Make it easier for everyone to stay hydrated and meet expectations with Elkay ezH2O® filtered bottle filling stations, which offer great-tasting water everywhere you go.

    See the Savings

    Campuses save money on buying bottled water, which also keeps plastic out of landfills; students, staff and faculty save money by filling up reusable bottles for free. One bottle filling station can save up to $3,750 per year.

    Upgrade to Greener, Cleaner Options

    Directors and Planners

    Less Waste, Better Taste

    Promote sustainability by reducing disposable plastic bottle waste (which also saves water in the manufacturing chain) with filtered bottle filling stations available around campus. Plus, save money on stocking and storing bottled water. 

    1. Learn how much you can save. Try our easy savings calculator to discover how much plastic waste you can avoid. (calculator)

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    Facilities Managers and Maintenance

    Quicker and Greener

    Save time and hassle — Elkay units are easy to maintain and service, plus enhanced units recognize the new Elkay filter so there's no need to reset the light. Save more with our filter subscription plan!

    1. Find your unit. Use our convenient bottle filler selection tool to find the best products for your facility.

    1. Install products easily. Access our installation videos to help save you time.

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    Student Advocacy Groups

    Make Your Mark

    Looking for less plastic? Elkay filtered bottle filling stations make it easy to fill up across campus, saving money and staying hydrated with no need to look for a recycling bin. Plus, the water will taste better no matter the age of the pipes or local water quality. If you're looking for solutions on campus that promote sustainability, we can help.

    1. Did you know that lead can get into water? Learn how lead and other harmful substances can contaminate your water.

    1. Do you have filtered water on campus? Look for the green filter status light on ezH2O bottle filling stations. Contact campus maintenance when the light turns yellow.

    1. What are you doing to ensure cleaner drinking water? Share Elkay drinking water solutions with campus leaders. 

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