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    Design Reawakened

    Design Reawakened

    Natural, organic, healthy and happy – homes are more than just a place to live; they’re extensions of ourselves, and what we’re striving for more than ever is a sense of wellbeing. Through simplified living, eco-friendly materials and a focus on health and wellness, our homes are reflecting our personalities, our values and our changing needs. We’re here to help you tap into your creativity with help from our Design and Insights team and some of our favorite influencers. We’ve gathered our top design trends that are new, now and making themselves known. Look through this guide and see what inspires you. 

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    In Touch With Nature

    Seek to create a soothing space that's also good for the environment, with eco-friendly materials including bamboo, stainless steel and other sustainable design choices. A few well-placed plants, such as snake plants, English ivy and spider plants can provide a sense of calm and even help improve air quality.

    "Nothing beats a light, neutral design with a hint of live greenery to brighten my home and create warmth."

    -Lauren Jansen @farmhouseish



    A Sense of Wellness

    Find peace and calm at home with easy-to-clean surfaces, filtered water at your fingertips and workstation accessories to improve your flow. 

    Quartz countertops and sinks are both easy-to-clean, low maintenance options.

    "The kitchen has always been a source of comfort, wellness and respite from outside forces for families."

    -Joy Williams @joyfuldesignsstudio



    Home is Where You Are

    Embrace design choices that work for you — including bold cabinet colors or unconventional faucet uses.

    Think beyond the standard to make your home a reflection of your style and values, with your favorite color, specialized appliances and standout pieces, like a custom table to fit the whole family.

    "Warm and inviting elements make people feel like this is a space where you want to be."

    – Laquita Tate @quitatate


    Sink: SWUF28179C



    Compare and Contrast

    Stand out with contrasting cabinetry, backsplashes or hardware to break up space and add a unique personal touch to your kitchen.

    If you're unsure, start with darker and lighter shades of the same color — try navy and powder blue or forest green and sage.

    "I love pops of color. It makes me so happy every time I step into our kitchen."

    – Molly Stillman @stillbeingmolly



    Keep Clutter at Bay

    Workstation sinks come with helpful space-saving accessories to maximize prep space and make cleanup easy.

    "Organization is a necessity. Built-in shelves and baskets help hide things you don't need to see all the time."

    – Rashida Banks @rashida.banks



    Out in the Open

    Open shelving lets you show off your prettiest glassware or dishes, with an incentive to keep surfaces clutter-free.

    "Displaying items in the open helps visually lighten the kitchen."

    – Elkay Design and Insights Team



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    GIRLS’ BATHROOM RENOVATION - DAY 1! No turning back now! I’ve been getting the question, “Why farmhouse sinks in the bathroom?” a lot since I shared yesterday that they were going in here, and my answer to that is, “Why not?!” You want to know my favorite part of design and DIY? There are no rules! Do what you want and what you love. And know that most of the time… if there’s a will, there’s a way! #elkaypartner

    I took this double vanity down to the boxes today and built up supports to hold these pretty new @elkay_usa sinks, and I also cut down and replaced the face frames! I’ve got a long way to go to pull this one off, but I’m already starting to see it! Can you?? 


    For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a double sink...However, I secretly wanted a single sink. It was a no brainer when I started to design the kitchen refresh that a single sink would be the only option. Now I can’t even imagine life without one, Thanks to my friends at @elkay_usa for making my dreams come true. #gifted The Elkay Black Single Under-mount Sink and the Elkay Single Hole Avado Black Pull-Down Spray faucet came with everything that I didn’t know I needed. Having such a deep sink hides the dishes in my open floor space and the sprayer faucet helps me to clean the entire surface. These are definitely a win-win in my kitchen.


    Form and function! This @elkay_usa ezH2O Liv water dispenser is the perfect finishing touch for our home gym. #ElkayPartner Its sleek design fit in perfectly with our swanky hotel gym vibes, don't you think?! The design makes it easy to install anywhere you have a water line nearby! It doesn't get much better than having fresh, filtered water on hand! Where would you install a built-in filtered water dispenser?

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