ezH2O Bottle Filling Station in Hallway

    Hands-free Hydration

    Elkay has a selection of no-touch, sanitary, sensor-activated bottle filling stations, water coolers and dispensers in a variety of styles and configurations to provide more hygienic hydration.

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    Custom, Hands-free Water Delivery

    When your needs for water delivery go beyond the norm, Elkay’s got it covered. 

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    Elkay Help Center

    Find troubleshooting guides, care and cleaning and other product support documentation. Learn how to bypass the the bubbler on a bottle filling station. 

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    Retrofit Solutions

    Retrofit Solutions

    Upgrade your existing coolers and fountains with retrofit options including push-bar cooler conversion kits and retrofit bottle filling stations.

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    You’re in the market for a new bottle filling station — but which one is right for you?
    Try our bottle filler selection tool.