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    Water your kids will want to drink.

    Breathe a little easier knowing that Elkay filtered fountains and bottle fillers are in your child's school. Our filtration reduces lead and other harmful substances—perfect for parents' peace of mind. And it also tastes great, so your kids will want to drink it!

    Better water, straight from the faucet.

    Say goodbye to bulky pitchers and awkward fridge filters. No more worrying about single-use plastic bottles. Our 2-in-1 faucet with filtration installs easily and includes a long-life filter that only needs to be changed once a year.



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    Did you know that the students and staff at YOUR school can simultaneously save the planet AND drink healthier water 💦 with the help of Elkay's ezWish Kit Program for schools? #ElkayPartner


    Love this Elkay ezH2O Liv bottle filling station!!! 💦#ElkayPartner It’s the perfect addition for a busy family. Now, everyone can always have cold, filtered water anytime. We put this one right off the kitchen, in the hall leading to the garage. Perfect spot to fill up your bottle as you’re heading out the door. @elkay_usa


    Form and function! This @elkay_usa ezH2O Liv water dispenser is the perfect finishing touch for our home gym. 💦 #ElkayPartner Its sleek design fit in perfectly with our swanky hotel gym vibes, don't you think?! The design makes it easy to install anywhere you have a water line nearby! It doesn't get much better than having fresh, filtered water on hand! Where would you install a built-in filtered water dispenser?

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