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    Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Launches New Elkay ezH2O® Smart Bottle Filling Stations

    ezH2O Smart Connected Bottle Filling Station

    MILWAUKEE, WI, April 9, 2024 – Zurn Elkay Water Solutions, the industry’s largest supplier of cleaner water solutions for drinking water, hygiene and sustainable water management, launched an extension to the ezH2O® Bottle Filling Station line to introduce Smart Bottle Filling Stations.

    Since their release, Elkay’s ezH2O bottle filling stations have been providing cleaner, healthier water to communities across the globe. One bottle filling station can save on average 15,000 bottles and 327 pounds of plastic from the landfill each year. In total, ezH2O bottle filling stations have prevented over 67 billion plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

    Now, the ezH2O units have been made smarter. The new connected units offer fresh, filtered water while letting facility managers track stats across every unit. The units are ideal for large offices, airports, colleges and public facilities. Zurn Elkay’s plumbSMART™ software integrates with a variety of smart plumbing products.

    Campuses and large complexes can reduce their total cost of ownership by tracking bottles saved, filter status and water usage, and schedule flushing events to help keep lines cleaner. With the ability to monitor filter status across all units it's easier to plan and anticipate filter replacements. Select enhanced units also feature the quick filter-change wrapper for easy access to the filter for quicker changes. The FillSafe™ recognition will automatically update the LED light back to green when a new filter is installed.

    Retrofit options are available for any enhanced bottle filling station manufactured after April 2019. The retrofit kit allows for these units to be connected to a gateway that provides the connected features.

    Zurn Elkay is committed to providing greater access to cleaner, healthier drinking water through quality products. When used together, these ezH2O upgrades enhance the installation and maintenance process, making it easier, cost effective, and more convenient. To learn more about ezH2O bottle filing stations, visit


    Download ezH2O Smart Bottle Filling Station Press Kit


    About Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

    Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zurn Elkay Water Solutions is a growth-oriented, pure-play water business that designs, procures, manufacture and markets what we believe is the broadest sustainable product portfolio of solutions to improve health, human safety and the environment. The Zurn Elkay product portfolio includes professional grade water control and safety, water distribution and drainage, drinking water, finish plumbing and hygienic environmental and site works products for public and private spaces.


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