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    Smartwell Support

    Smartwell Support


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Operation and Maintenance

    Caring for your Smartwell is a breeze. All that’s required of the office or facility manager is weekly cleaning of the unit and flavor and enhancement pouch replacement. Maintenance is easy with the Smartwell portal. The online portal gives you access to data for your connected unit(s) any time of the day. Connected units track usage and send notifications when your units need attention. Your service provider will pick up the heavy lifting with filter and CO2 tank replacement and preventative maintenance.

    See our Care and Cleaning tutorial video to see how easy it is to keep your Smartwell in tip-top shape. 

    Watch how fast and easy it is to replace flavor and enhancement pouches.

    Keep your Smartwell beverage dispenser in tip-top shape for your clients, customers and employees. View our instructional video here or follow the easy instructions in the Smartwell Care and Cleaning Guide.

    Pouch replacement is simple! View our instructional video here or follow the easy instructions in in the Smartwell Care and Cleaning Guide.

    It connects to the internet using your building or facility’s guest or password protected Wi-Fi. You can also connect using an Ethernet cable.

    Smartwell’s connected interface gives you peace of mind and allows you to remotely monitor each unit’s activity from the Smartwell portal. Now you can proactively stay ahead of pouches running low and replace them to prevent downtime. It also provides you with flavor and enhancement data for your unit(s) so you can ensure you are providing the right mix of fun and flavor every month.

    The unit will continue to dispense flavors. Account users will not be notified if the flavors are low or empty and the Smartwell portal will not receive unit data until the internet connection to the cloud is restored.

    Smartwell beverage dispensers feature Elkay WaterSentry filters that are NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 certified for reduction of lead, particulate, chlorine, taste and odor for fresh, filtered still or sparkling water.

    Your citric acid pouch is empty and needs to be replaced. Citric acid is required for all flavored drinks. It acts as a flavor enhancer, so each drink gives you the best experience and true fruit flavor.

    Priming is the final step in ensuring pouches are ready for use. The process pulls the liquid from the pouch and through the delivery system so that users receive the right amount of flavor and/or enhancement from the first drink forward.

    Yes. The water flow is set at the default recommended level. High and/or low water pressure may impact the flavor to water concentration, so adjustments may be made to improve drink quality. Please reference the Smartwell Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

    Smartwell units provide two types of notifications. Connected units track usage and send daily reports of pouch and CO2 tank status. Account users also receive instant notifications when pouches or CO2 tanks are empty, so they can keep up-to-date with their facility’s custom beverage solution.

    Flavors and Enhancements

    In addition to fresh, filtered still or sparkling water, Smartwell offers a full range of delicious, unsweetened, zero-calorie flavors to delight and satisfy the most discerning tastes. 

    Want to take your beverage up a notch? Smartwell offers a number of enhancements to elevate your beverage experience. Add a dose of healthy vitamin C or electrolytes, a little (or a lot) of natural sweetener or a boost of caffeine.

    For optimal freshness, pouches should be stored in a cool, dry place between 60° - 85° F (15° - 30° C).

    Yes, after 12 months. The freshest pouches will be shipped to you each month and are clearly marked with date codes. The pouches should be used as received, and date codes should be checked before placing pouches into the beverage dispenser to ensure contents have not expired before use.

    Yes. All flavors and enhancements are gluten free.

    Yes. All flavors and enhancements are certified kosher.

    A small dose (a fraction of the flavor concentrate doses) is injected into each drink. This citric acid acts as a flavor enhancer, so each drink gives you the best experience and true fruit flavor.

    Elkay has developed a proprietary ratio of flavor to water to ensure the best possible flavor.

    We understand that water pressure varies per location. The new Smartwell units allow users to customize flavor concentration to their specific needs. See the Smartwell Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

    It’s easy! Simply visit the Smartwell portal and place an order for flavors and enhancements of your choice. When you receive your pouches, you can easily update your pouch assortment from the unit using the admin screen.  Please refer to your Smartwell Use and Care manual for more information. 

    Click here to view Smartwell’s current flavor and enhancement offerings.


    The Elkay Smartwell portal is the internet gateway to your assigned Smartwell data. Connected Smartwell units communicate through a cloud-based platform to the portal, allowing users to conveniently monitor units, maintain notifications and manage orders – all from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Anyone who will be responsible for managing and maintaining their facility’s Smartwell units.

    The Smartwell portal is connected directly with assigned Smartwell units. Users can set notifications settings for a convenient user experience when managing and monitoring units and receive updates on their desktop, tablet or mobile device in real time.

    With the Smartwell portal, you can conveniently monitor units, maintain notifications and manage orders – all from computers, smartphones or tablets.

    The Smartwell portal helps users understand drinking behavior in their facilities -optimizing assortment, reducing single-use plastic bottle and aluminum can usage.

    • Dashboards show consumption trends so that flavors and enhancements can be selected appropriately when ordering consumables
    • Elkay Green Ticker™ counts the number of bottles served without the plastic bottle waste.

    No, it’s included with the Smartwell unit.



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