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    ezWish Kit Program

    At Elkay, we are committed to providing cleaner, healthier water while eliminating the number of plastic bottles in the environment. That’s why we’ve introduced the Elkay ezWish Kit Program - designed to help get filtered ezH2O bottle filling stations in schools across America. The NSF certified filters in each ezH2O unit help reduce lead, chlorine and other contaminents and provide convienent access to cleaner, healthier hydration.

    Students Using ezH2O Bottle Filling Station
    Student Filling up Water Bottle

    With Elkay’s ezWish Kit, you can help get filtered ezH2O bottle filling stations for your school. The program offers flexible options for schools to fundraise or purchase units directly, putting all students one step closer to cleaner drinking water.

    How to Get Started

    1. Choose the option below that best fits your needs.

    2. Fill out the ezWish Kit registration form.

    3. Get ready to bring cleaner, healthier hydration to your school!

    Purchase Now

    Do you already have funds to purchase a new ezH2O bottle filling station? An Elkay representative will help you choose the right unit for your needs.

    Fundraise with Ecovessel

    Through a partnership with leading water bottle manufacturer, EcoVessel, Elkay can help set up your school with a customized fundraising program including uniquely designed ecoVessel water bottles.

    Private Fundraising

    Choose your own fundraising program to raise funds to purchase a new Elkay ezH2O bottle filling station.



    Learn More about Elkay’s ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations

    Elkay’s ezH2O  bottle filling stations demonstrate a commitment to providing cleaner, healthier water and to sustainability.

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    ezWish Kit Activities

    ezWish Kit Activity Sheets (F-5392)

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