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Elkay Manufacturing Company Partners with Schock Gmbh to Expand Granite Sink Offering

OAK BROOK, Ill. (April 4, 2016) – Elkay is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with world-leading granite sink manufacturer, Schock GmbH of Germany. The partnership is focused on expanding Elkay’s granite product line, enabling the company to introduce bold new colors and styles to the American design community. Through the agreement, Elkay will obtain exclusive distribution rights for Schock granite sink products in the U.S. marketplace that will be marketed as part of Elkay’s own granite product.

In the short term, the partnership is expected to result in the addition of 5 new colors being added to Elkay’s current portfolio of products plus 10 additional new models and configurations available in this expanded color palette as early as later this month. Later this year Elkay’s portfolio will be further expanded.


“We are excited about what we can achieve by collaborating with an industry leader such as Schock to expand our granite offering,” stated Ted Hamilton, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Elkay. “No other manufacturer in the world has the passion for innovation and design that Schock has. They keep their fingers on the pulse of world wide color trends, style and aesthetics, and continuously raise the bar when it comes to enhancing their products. Together we can develop a color palette and style portfolio for the granite sinks that will be unrivaled.”


According to Schock representative, Ralf Boberg, Chief Executive Officer, Schock GmbH, the partnership will be mutually beneficial. “Elkay is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel sinks, with a reputation for quality and reliability that is unequalled, the world over. Their extensive US distribution channels are strong, and through this partnership we believe we can achieve the market penetration needed to keep pace with the market’s demand for granite sink products, which is growing at a rate that far exceeds any other sink category on the market today.” At the current growth rate, granite is predicted to replace cast iron as the number two sink material, behind stainless steel.


Elkay’s granite product lines are available through multiple sales channels. The new colors that are expected to be introduced to Elkay’s granite line later this month include Greige, Greystone, Sand, Putty and Pecan.


About Schock GmbH

Founded in 1924, Schock GmbH is the original inventor of the material that granite sinks are made of, the world over. In fact, to this day, Schock is the technology leader in granite sinks, and more than 75% of all sinks the world over are made using Schock’s methods. Known for innovation and forward-looking, trend-setting designs and colorways, today the company holds over 90 patents, and manufactures over 200 sink styles in a palette that includes 40 colorways. Headquartered in Regen, Germany, Schock prides itself in being socially responsible, holding Independent certification through ISO 14001 and EMAS, and participating voluntarily in the Environmental Pact of Bavaria.


About Elkay

Family owned since 1920, Elkay offers high-quality, innovative plumbing products and delivers excellent customer service. Like your family, Elkay has values and traditions that endure; like a commitment to sustainability and to our country. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, Elkay is an American-owned and -operated company, providing thousands of jobs that support our families and communities. We are proud to be America’s No. 1 selling kitchen sink company.