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Elkay Manufacturing Offers More Ways Than Ever To Color Your Kitchen With Newly Expanded Quartz Sink Collection

OAK BROOK, Ill. (September 6, 2016) – Elkay® has introduced six exciting new colors and 16 models to create an Elkay Quartz Luxe™ collection within its newly named Elkay Quartz brand. With these additions, the Elkay Quartz portfolio now includes a total of two quartz materials, 16 colors and 26 different models — offering hundreds of options and making its quartz collection the largest available in the market.


Elkay’s exclusive Luxe fiberglass material is molded onto the sink base for added durability, providing up to four times more impact resistance in reinforced areas. The proprietary manufacturing process of the Elkay Quartz Luxe collection combines the highest-quality quartz with a high-performance UV-stable acrylic resin, resulting in a beautiful sink that is easy to maintain, fade-resistant, and built to last. Elkay’s unique quartz finishing process delivers a satin-smooth, non-porous surface that prevents foods, liquids, and bacteria from sticking to the surface — creating better hygiene protection.



Elkay Quartz Luxe sinks are stain- and odor-resistant and easy to clean — simply wash with a damp cloth and soapy water. With natural quartz — which is four times harder than granite — as the primary component, these sinks can endure everyday wear and tear, resisting smudges, scratches and even heavy impacts. They are heat-resistant up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit, adding convenience in the kitchen.



"Our new Elkay Quartz Luxe offerings are designed to exceed the growing consumer desire for natural stone sink options. At the current growth rate, we see quartz replacing cast iron as the number two sink material by 2017. With the introduction of Elkay Quartz Luxe, no one else comes close to our offerings in this category," stated Molly Pajauskas, Director, Marketing–Plumbing Products, Elkay Manufacturing. "We've recently renamed our E-granite collection Elkay Quartz to emphasize the quartz component of this sink. We’re pleased to introduce the new Luxe line as our first line expansion under our new Elkay Quartz brand."



The Elkay Quartz Luxe color palette features Caviar, Charcoal, Chestnut, Maraschino, Parchment and Ricotta. Elkay Quartz sinks are available in top, under and dual mounts and with single, double and Aqua Divide™ bowls. These sinks also come with a variety of accessories, including coordinating cutting boards and rinsing baskets. Elkay Quartz sinks are available through multiple sales channels. Find out more at And, check out Elkay’s online design tool at to see how beautiful the Elkay Quartz collection can look in a kitchen just like yours.


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