Doing the right thing at Camp Odayin

Elkay ezH2O - Delta Dental Case Study


For kids with heart disease, the requirements of their medical care often prevent them from experiencing the joys of a week at summer camp. But thanks to the efforts of Sara Meslow, Executive Director and Founder of Camp Odayin, they now have a place where they can share the simple wonders of a typical summer camp experience and enjoy the support of a robust medical team.

“I’m so grateful to work with our stellar staff and incredible volunteers,” said Sara. “It’s such a joy to provide positive, life-changing experiences for these very deserving kids.”



Apparently, Sara’s not the only one feeling grateful. When a group of five long-time campers decided to give something back to the place that meant so much to them, they asked Sara what the camp needed.

According to Sara, “Kids with heart issues really need to stay hydrated. The camp has an ezH2O® bottle filling station in the mess hall. But for swimming at the beach, we have to haul jugs of water down there and they heat up in the sun. So we talked about it and decided to look into getting a bottle filler for the beach.”


"People are really excited to fill their bottles at the beach... It’s a great addition to our camp."



When contacted and told of the need, Elkay® rose to the occasion by offering to donate the ezH2O unit to the camp.

“It was amazing to get the bottle filling station donated,” said Sara. “The campers that started the process were able to cover the cost of the actual installation at the beach, as well as pay for the plaque that went above it. So it was really a partnership that made it happen.”



Camp Odayin swimmers no longer have to drink water warmed by the summer sun. According to Sara, “People are really excited to fill their bottles at the beach. And not just because it’s quick and easy. They love the bottle counter that reminds them they’re doing something good for the environment. It’s a great addition to our camp.”